Trade Deadline Week Special: Watch Out for These Trades!

Michael SholtyContributor IJuly 27, 2009

We are approaching the most exciting week (and sometimes miserable) week in fantasy sports. Friday is the trade deadline, and with that brings many player swaps. What do you need to be concerned with fantasy-wise? Well there are a lot of rumors floating around and there are some you need to be weary of.

You could check ESPN, Yahoo or CBS every five minutes to hear about the latest trades, but you could also do some preemptive pickups to give your league-mates headaches. Let's look into some of the juicy rumors floating around!

There are teams in need of set-up men and closers. Some of the big names in demand are George Sherrill, Scott Downs and Heath Bell. If any of these guys left town, you'd want to have their backups on your roster.

Save yourself the trouble now and add Jim Johnson (BAL), Jason Frasor (TOR) or Edward Mujica (SDP) if you are in need of saves. By all means, if you can trade Sherrill for something of equal value then go for it too, since he looks like the most obvious deadline trade and he may not see save opportunities on other teams.

The Twins have recently expressed interest in SS Orlando Cabrera. In my opinion he's always been that guy you have to talk yourself into picking up from free agency and then he never produces for you.

If he gets out of Oakland that would help him out but he'd probably platoon with Brendan Harris and Nick Punto...add him in A.L. only leagues but otherwise I wouldn't touch him. His batting average is not going to help you at all.

A few teams have been talking about boosting their rotation and Jarrod Washburn is one of the most talked about pitchers. He's probably picked up already in your league but if he isn't you need to go grab him NOW. The Mariners don't give him as good of a chance to win games as say...the Brewers (hint hint).

Obviously there are Roy Halladay talks going on everywhere. He'd see an increase in value wherever he went since the Toronto bats are currently asleep. I'm sure you aren't going to get him cheap in a trade but if you are considering getting him he'd probably lead you to fantasy gold in the next few weeks.

Fantasy owners around the world are salivating at the idea of Adrian Gonzalez hitting in a hitter's park like Boston. Just because Boston dealt for Duncan and LaRoche doesn't mean they are done dealing...Boston is looking to go all the way this year and you can't do that with guys like LaRoche playing 1B full time. Kyle Blanks would see a slight boost in value because he'd be their clear-cut 1B from here on out.