Madden Please Impress This Year

Henry LaborantiContributor IJuly 26, 2009

To EA Sports and the creators of the famous Madden,

Last year, Madden promised to be the greatest of the series. Something that EA Sports promises every year. The game added an all new TV presentation look as well as better game play and a fancy "replay" system. After buying the game and going through my first season with my team, I could have been one of the actors on the commercial advertising "tired of buying a bad game?"

Not only did Madden 09 lack its promises, but it had the same look and feel that Madden 08 had. What every gamer and football fan will look for is the small details. For example, the crowd is a bunch of kindergarteners who cheer even when the other team scores, the ref is invisible except on penalties, apparently tight ends are pacifiers for babies, there is no more EA Sports radio or newspaper which added a feel of closeness to the game and the team you were playing with, fan zoom ins were taken away from the game, and nothing felt like it was prepared properly.

Four or five years back there was a game that had everything an avid sports gamer looked for, and that game was ESPN Football 2K5. It had news, pregame shows, talking players and commentators, a real feel, and even a halftime show. Madden hasn't even come close to any of these.

What fans should look for before they buy this game: Look for a proper presentation that makes you feel like you are controlling a game everyone is watching across the country. Look for a real looking crowd that reacts to plays properly. Look for correct timing, proper passing, catching and running. And look for quality, not popularity.

EA Sports don't hand your dedicated fans a reworked piece of garbage year in and year out. Don't get me wrong, I'll play Madden, but only because they were too afraid of 2K Sports and bought out the rights to the NFL. Therefore, I have no choice.