What Would Your Entrance Theme Be?

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What Would Your Entrance Theme Be?
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Hello, guys the other day one of my friends' Facebook said wouldn't it be cool if when we entered a room we had a entrance song.

Well I'm bringing the idea to a story so what do you think what song would you enter the room to would it be a super fast song like the Ultimate Warrior's or a pretty boy theme like HBK's Heartbreak Kid, or a Bad Ass theme like Stone Cold's glass breaking.

I'm hooked on this Heartbreaker song not sure who sings it or why I really like it, but I think it would be my entrance.

What would yours be? Choose wisely though. What if Stone Cold had came out to Do ya Smell what Austin is Cookin or the Rock had came out to OH Oh I think I'm cute I know I'm sexy?

Leave your theme song below.

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