Logo Blog #6:Shreveport Pirates (CFL, 1994-95)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IJanuary 23, 2017

I'm back with another logo blog and this time I'm blogging about the logo of one of the American teams in the failed expansion CFL plan in the early to mid 1990's. The Shreveport Pirates were a crappy team in the CFL as most of the American teams were ( excluding Baltimore) and their logo was even worse, the logo is supposed to be of a Pirate but what the heck are those purple things crushing the Pirate's head?! Are they lips? Are they the < symbol on the computer? That has to be the most meaningless part of a logo ever since the elephant on the giant baseball with the Oakland A's. Also, This pirate has a orange ear ring but where is his ear? It appears to me that this pirate has his ear ring just glued most likely onto the side of his neck, so this Pirate is still in grade 1 if its on the side of his neck. Finally, this pirate has black going around him on his neck and over his eyes, now are those the Pirates eyes or are those an ugly pair of sunglasses? I can't tell and good luck trying to figure it out. The icing on the cake to this logo and terrible Canadian Football League team, they were owned by the Gliebermans. If you've never heard of them wikipedia them, you'll be shaking your head within 20 seconds of reading about them.

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