See No Evil Jericho, I Know We Wont

Joe DohertyContributor IJuly 26, 2009

So I had a dream last night, and to be honest, I was pretty buzzed after drinking a six pack of coke during the night after a big dinner.  After finally falling  asleep around 3.30am, I had a dream which included a weird, strange outcome for Chris Jericho's Tag Match tonight!

Some of may have seen Chris Jericho's "clue" that he gave on his twitter, where he mentioned his parter wass "EVIL!"

However, Some of us also know about Chris Jericho's history of feeding the online world with red herrings, and with his promo he did with Kane on Smackdown, I already thought it wouldn't be Kane, in my own mind anyways.

Anyway, on to my dream.  I logged onto the morning after Night of Champions, and flicking through each title match (which i won't say what the results are, unless I want to see if this dream actually turns out to be the craziest coincedental story ever known to man!)

The Headline for Jericho's title defence was "Canadians Take Over", I looked at the picture, it was none other than..... LANCE FRECKING STORM!!!

I know what your thinking, and to be honest I was also wondering myself.  Why the hell was Lance Storm in my dreams, and why the hell would he be making a return to the WWE after all these years.

Crazy thoughts waking up this morning, and I had to check online to make sure it wasn't true, just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind!  But I came across a headline from last week, which I think can possibly creep into this un-named person story for tonights match - the recently re-signed Chris Masters.

I'll let you think to yourself about this name, and of course I would like to hear your opinions about the story, Who you think will be Chris Jericho's partner tonight and please rate it too.