[7-26-09] As The Ball Turns

Michael SholtyContributor IJuly 26, 2009

Welcome everyone to the first edition of As The Ball Turns! I'm going to be listing interesting bits about what goes on each night in the world of fantasy baseball in this article! Let's get down to business shall we?

- First order of business, I think I need to rant and rave about Garrett Jones. I'm sure you either have been enjoying his nightly treasures like me, or crying yourself to sleep every night because you didn't pick him up after his four game homer streak earlier last week. Either way, he's been on a monster tear and continued it tonight with a 2 hit game. A lot of people have been claiming he will not keep this up, but why not? Sure, his minor league numbers do not reflect this current surge, but did every successful hitter in the majors have impressive minor league statistics? I think that Mr. Jones is trying his best to show the Pirates why they need to make him hit everyday. Guess what? It's WORKING! If the guy in your league that has him is trying to sell high, by all means try to get him.

- Tonight was the first night Adam LaRoche played for Boston and he didn't disappoint with his two run shot. A lot of people are saying his value decreased when going to Boston but I beg to differ. Why would Boston go out and get this guy to let him sit on the bench? Kostay and Duncan aren't going to steal a lot of playing time @ 1B, and LaRoche is historically a second half hitter. I can see another 8-10 HR from this guy with 25 RBI...not too shabby if you can grab him out of free agency.

- Another teeth-grinder from Cueto tonight with a really rough first inning. He ended up recovering afterwords and didn't complete wreck your ERA but one has to wonder if his injury from couple weeks ago is lingering, along with fatigue factoring in. If you can sell on him, by all means get rid of him. I don't see him finishing the season strong. He won't get any run support from Cincy (see Harang for proof) and he's a young guy. Last year his second half numbers weren't anything to write home about (2W 5L 35 ER in 12 starts...). While we are talking about Cincy, I want everyone in 12 team mixed leagues to go pick up Jonny Gomes right now. This kid has some definite talent, and with the recent injury to Nix, he is going to see every day at bats. He hit another HR tonight and he's been on fire recently. You could wait a week to watch him, but by then he's going to be picked up...just sayin'...

- Gavin Floyd pitched another solid outing after an embarrassing error by Paul Konerko in the first inning. Floyd pulled himself together really well after giving up those two runs, while Edwin Jackson fell apart by losing his control later in the game, although he was hitting 98mph on the radar gun in the 6th inning. I'd proceed with caution on Edwin Jackson. Last year in September when his IP was really high, he had some terribly ugly outings. He's a talented pitcher with a relatively low amount of experience.

- A very interesting game in St. Louis on a fantasy sports perspective. Jimmy Rollins continues to roll out the big guns with his 2nd career slam, Holliday shows St. Louis the reason he was aquired and Victorino slaps out four hits, but what should we think of Julio Lugo? There isn't a lot like renewed confidence in a hitter, although Lugo's history doesn't give us a lot to be excited about. He might be an interesting play for anyone trying to fill their SS position for a week or two while he is hitting well in St. Louis.

- Washington gives us a fantasy nugget tonight with Nyjer Morgan rapping out 4 hits and scoring two runs, Zimmerman hitting a homer and scoring four (!!!) runs with 3 RBI. Dunn added a grand slam of his own. It's a shame they have so many talented hitters and they can't seem to win consistently. Here's to next year fellas?

Speed round: Wright hit his second homer since June 9th. Many people are expecting a market correction but I'd be thrilled with 14 HR from the guy...expect around 12. Everth Cabrera is a good pickup if you need SB and runs and can stand to take a small hit in batting average. Watch for a Heath Bell trade...there have been rumors...you'd want either Mike Adams or Edward Mujica in case he does leave although Mujica looks like a little better add if you had to choose. Derrick Lee left the game with back spasms, so make sure you have your finger on the trigger to pick up Jake Fox in case Lee is out for an extended amount of time.


Thanks for reading and give me some pointers so I can make this a better article!