Maple Leafs:Justin Pogge's Ship Is at Port Ready to Set Sail, But Where?

Keith DravidContributor IJuly 25, 2009

BUFFALO, NY - MARCH 27:  Justin Pogge #1 of the Toronto Maple Leafs looks on during the game against the Buffalo Sabres on March 27, 2009 at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

If your a Leaf fan, you would be very familiar with the name Justin Pogge.

For those that do not know Justin, He was WHL goalie of the year last year as a rookie and won a gold medal with Canada in the world juniors. He was pretty convincing at the time for the Toronto Maple Leafs who draft him 90th overall in the 2004 draft age 23.

At that time we also had another good goalie prospect in a finnish goaltender named Tuukka Rask who we drafted 21st overall in the 2005 draft.

(sigh!) all we maple leaf fans remember that day on June 24, 2006 when Toronto traded Tuukka Rask for Andrew Raycroft and with the result of this move we gave the title to Justin Pogge as the Leafs future number one goalie.

We expected that he would turn out to be a Steve Mason ( Columbus blue jackets, also rookie of the year 08-09) or Carey Price (Montreal Canadians with the exception of a bad sophomore season). But we've reached the 08-09 season and Justin Pogge is still playing in the minors at the age of 23, while the other goalies i've mentioned who have blossomed in to starting goaltenders came into the league at the 20 and 21. But this season Justin got called up and played 7 games getting 1 win and 4 losses even one game getting pulled out of the net for another goalie, but the real state that jumped of the page was his goals against-letting in 27 goals with a goals against average 4.35.

But Brian Burke has discussed this before,saying Justin has all the aspects of being a top NHL goalie but one thing, the confidence and the ability of being able to carry a team on his back and this year in games we've seen justin play that if he lets in a bad goal or a goal he had no control off stopping his confidence shattered and he just broke.

But I was 100% sure that with the addition of the best goalie coach ever Mr. Francois Allaire who has worked with great goalies such at Patrick Roy and J.S Giguere just to name a few, and with this addition I thought that Mr.Allaire would help Justin on the mental aspect of his game. But now with Brian Burke saying, I quote "I'm looking to help Pogge find a new hockey home, cause I've never been one to keep players buried in the minors if he thinks they might get a legitimate chance to play elsewhere. he has proven this with other playes like Staffan Kronwall (picked up by Washington) and Mark Bell (acquired by the Rangers) to be claimed on re-entry waivers. Burke showed similar compassion for goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov when he was the GM with Anaheim, letting the underutilized goaltender go to Phoenix on waivers.

So now I shall point out to all that I want you to do the following right now:

1) Go take a world map or look at a globe or go look at google earth

2) look at the ocean

3) you see that little dot in the ocean?

4) Thats Justin Pogge's ship sailing

P.S as for that trade Toronto did in 2006, here's a recap I'd love to .....well, recap Andrew Raycroft after a one good season with the leafs posting 37, but after that season its been all a down fall, his secound season with Toronto he had 2 wins and 9 losses losing the number goalie position, Toronto later bought out his contract, he signed later with Colorado getting 12 wins and 19 loses as  a backup(not much difference eh? just add 10 so his previous stats) got let go this off-season and surprisingly enough Vancouver actually signed him and trust me he'll be nothing more than a back-up goalie behind Roberto Luongo. on the other end Tuukka Rask he's the top rated goalie prospect in all of the nhl 5th overall among prospects. Tuukka Rask- in the minors has 27 win with 12 loses and in the handful of games he has played in the nhl he has 3 wins and 1 loss with one shut-out. To sum it all up, we Maple Leaf Fans GOT RIPPED OFF! Boston has got the better end of the deal 110% no doubt.

So I hoped u enjoy reading this, and if your a Montreal fan yes you can laugh at us, but remember this...ahh forget it you'll see how hard we'll kick your ass, words can't even explain!