WWE Pay-Per-View Previews: Night Of Champions

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WWE Pay-Per-View Previews: Night Of Champions

Well as Night of Champions arrives, there are a lot of questions being asked about Jeff Hardy's contract negotiations, Chris Jericho's mystery partner, and the faith that WWE has to give Randy Orton a decent WWE Championship run.

But no matter how this show turns out we can all agree that this will be better than Victory Road.

The gimmick of this show is simply what the name implies, all matches will be for championships.

This is one gimmick pay per view that I do enjoy as opposed to the gimmicks of Cyber Sunday and Extreme Rules because it gives the tag team division and the women's division a championship match on pay per view.

As far as the build up is concerned for Night of Champions, I must say that Raw as well as ECW have provided solid build up, whereas Raw has really given us a match that we will probably never see the end of despite the fact that these three all have great chemistry in the ring with each other.

On the ECW side, I do think that this feud between Christian and Tommy Dreamer has been pretty well done, but I grew more excited for this match during the Abraham Washington Show this past Tuesday on ECW.

Then the Smackdown main event should be a great one as both Jeff Hardy and CM Punk have really built up their feud well.

As for the rest of the card, there should be a few solid mid card matches were there are some new faces in the title seen alongside some people who should have been in the title seen for much longer. Without further ado, my full preview on Night of Champions.

ECW Championship Match: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Christian

Before I take a look at this match, I do want you to know that I am in fact a Peep. I am a supporter of Captain Charisma, so before you completely doubt what I will be saying concerning Christian throughout the night and say that he is nothing in WWE, try and look at where I am coming from.

Over the past few months, the brewing rivalry of Christian and Tommy Dreamer has really been the only the thing that has interested me in ECW as of late because I am not a fan of that brand, but this feud to me has been one of the best feuds in ECW in recent memory.

Since Jack Swagger left ECW, Dreamer and Christian have had the classic, "friends feud," where the two friends are looking out for each other, but the lust for the championship stands in their way of the friendship as it tears them apart.

It is unoriginal, but I like where these two went this past week on ECW where Christian had mocked Dreamer's emotional moment when he won the ECW title.

With that being said, I do think that this is the best time to test Christian as a heel in order to see just how much of a reaction he can get because as a face, Christian is going nowhere. It reminds me of Jericho's turn when that phenomenal feud with Shawn Michaels had gone down.

A slow heel turn that Jericho had gone from a newly settled down pop, to become the most over heel in the company. I say give Christian a shot and though he is no Jericho, he can garner heat.

Obviously it will be a solid contest, where Dreamer has to go over in my opinion as Christian is a possibility in my mind to be Jericho's partner. With that being said, I think Dreamer will keep his reign alive for at least one more month in the opening contest

Predicted Winner: Tommy Dreamer to retain in a 10-15 minute contest

Divas Championship Match: Maryse (c) vs Mickie James

As a big fan of Mickie James, I feel that it is about time that she has been in a title match because unlike the majority of the Divas in WWE, Mickie James can wrestle and carry a match if given enough time.

Maryse, on the other hand, has become a strong heel and though her in ring skills are not great yet, I see so much potential as Maryse as she has become so much since that girl half-naked before Smackdown returned from commercials a while ago (Remember that?).

The match itself should be decent at most because even with two good wrestlers in the ring, I think time constraints will hurt the match.

I would guess that Mickie James would probably dominate almost the entire match until Maryse would use a heel tactic to win the match, because if Maryse were to win clean, then it may hurt Mickie James.

Therefore, this needs to end by Maryse using the ropes or something like that in my opinion.

I do think that this could go either way and as much as Mickie James should win the championship, I do believe that Maryse should hold the belt for a little because Maryse is in need of a good title run unless they decide to bury her afterwards, but hey, look at Beth Pheonix.

Predicted Winner: Maryse to retain the championship in a 5-8 minute match

United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Carlito vs Big Show vs The Miz vs Jack Swagger vs MVP

Now another possibility for the opening match, this contest should be a very entertaining one, though I do have a problem with a few of the participants.

Besides Big Show and Kofi Kingston, these participants make no sense to me, though the Raw Creative team leaves me wondering if Vince Russo is working part-time there (US Championship on a Pole Match anyone?)

Jack Swagger and M.V.P. are alright additions to this match in my opinion, but I thought this feud could have been a great one on one feud due to the V.I.P. Lounge segment a few weeks ago when this feud showed so much promise.

Obviously both of them deserve a championship, but was now really the correct time? This feud that now once looked like a great will now succumb to the feud where both men exchange wins on Raw, then settle their feud at possibly Breaking Point.

Neither of these two should win the title at the moment in my opinion because I still have hopes that this can be a solid feud and this could be an afterthought.

Secondly, where is Evan Bourne? You know a guy who has been in a feud with both Big Show and Kofi Kingston who are both in this match? It baffles me that Bourne is fighting Jamie Noble on Superstars and his whole feud with Big Show have been forgotten.

I really hoped to see him in this match and as usual, WWE continues to let me down to some extent.

Carlito? What gives him the credentials to be in this match and not Primo? I feel that Primo is the better Colon in my opinion, but his character is more one dimensional than Carlito's.

Carlito was just thrown into this match and if Primo is not involved somehow, then this is ridiculous. He will have a good showing in the ring, but it confuses me.

It is a shame that the team ended as soon as Edge got an injury when the Colons were the best face team in the WWE (not saying that much).

Miz is also an odd choice to put in this match. Like Carlito, what has Miz done that makes him more deserving then Evan Bourne to be in this match? Just being thrown into matches does not make sense to me.

Oh well, he is my favorite to go over because I do not think that Kofi Kingston has been a very good champion and Miz should be champion if WWE wants to rebound his push after being squashed to John Cena.

Once more, the match will be a great one as each of these men can perform in the ring. I doubt that Big Show has a chance given the fact that the dominant and big man in these types of feuds never wins in the end while he is given momentum on Raw.

I do think and hope that The Miz will be the new champion when it is all said and done because they are teasing a relationship with Maryse, so why not give them both gold to be a dominant couple? Plus I think that they could be a whole lot better with someone watching their backs.

Predicted Winner: The Miz to win the United States Championship in a 10-20 minute match

Women's Championship: Michelle McCool (c) vs Melina

Now the main difference between this women's match is that is the outcome is so much more predictable because Maryse has held the Divas Championship for quite a few months, but McCool had just beaten Melina at The Bash.

Once more, there is not much to say that has not been said from the Divas match. If given time, it could be great, but it will be restrained to 10 minutes at the least.

Their Bash match was nothing that you want to see again and it will be almost the exact same match except that McCool will be walking in as champion.

The outcome will be the same and as much as I am not a fan of McCool, she is the top Diva on Smackdown.

With all that being said, I think it is clear that Michelle will go over unless they pull a Russo and take the belt right off of McCool, which would be the wrong way to go because it would hurt the already damaged prestige of the Women's Championship.

Predicted Winner: Michelle McCool to retain in a 5-8 minute bout

Unified Tag Team Championships: Chris Jericho & ??? (c) vs Legacy

As good as this match could turn out to be, the real reason that we will be sure to tune in to this match is so that we can see who exactly is Jericho's mystery partner.

Now rumors online have reported so many predictions and even on Bleacher Report, nobody can say, "Well it will clearly be (insert name here)."

I am going to run down some of the clear possibilities on who could be Jericho's mystery partner and at the same time, I will look at names I have heard here on Bleacher Report that I would like to address.

Lance Storm: Believe it or not, Lance Storm's name has somehow managed to slip in the minds of few as the potential partner of Chris Jericho and let me just say that it is doubtful.

I'm not sure, but hasn't Lance Storm been doing a independent bookings as well as working with Ring of Honor in recent memory? I just find it doubtful that WWE would go out of their way and ask Lance Storm over a large number of "free agents" to be his mystery partner and would Lance even want to do it?

It is doubtful and you can never say never in the WWE, but if you are going out of your way to await his return, then please look at some other possibilities.

Chris Masters: Now I do know that Masters has re-signed with the WWE about a month ago, but I do not think that this is the correct time to bring back Chris Masters simply because I think he would receive no crowd reaction that even a man such as Lance Storm would ever get.

Masters does need to rebuild his career because in my eyes, he has done nothing to make us remember him besides the whole Masterlock Challenge gimmick.

Can anyone tell me one time that Masters made such an impact in WWE that we will always remember him? Hell, kids will think that he is a brand new Superstar.

Now putting all of that aside, he has a better chance than Lance Storm, but then again, I would not bet on it.

Ted DiBiase: Would WWE really be stupid enough to post his silhouette right next to Jericho and not expect us to realize that it was DiBiase?

WWE has been known to insult a smart fan's intelligence, but if they somehow make this happen, it will indeed hurt WWE in the long run.

Let's face it, we all know that Ted DiBiase will be turning face at some point or nobody will buy his new straight to DVD movie, The Marine II (Like anyone would care if he was a face,) but in my opinion, I think it is just too soon to take Legacy apart.

The stable has been mediocre at best, but I think there has to be something done to make at least DiBiase look good as a heel, before turning face and feuding with Randy Orton around Armageddon, which would be a great time to end it.

Knowing that WWE likes to play us for suckers at times, leave this option as a good possibility to be his partner, but will they really play us for suckers two consecutive years?

Christian: Alright, you people all may not like this selection, but here is where I stand with this choice. By now, I do think that Christian is in the process of a heel turn and this could be the perfect chance to try him out as a heel to see if the crowd gives him a better reaction because like I said before, he gets a small pop as a face.

Sure I was wrong about him debuting in the Royal Rumble Match, and I was wrong about him being the assailant of Jeff Hardy, but this time I have a good feeling that this is at least a good possibility.

Let us put aside all of his accomplishments in TNA due to the fact that it doesn't matter what he did there in Vince McMahon's eyes. All that matters in WWE is if you get over with the crowd and sell merchandise (That, my friends, is why Khali has a job.)

Anyways, there is a chance in my opinion because he is solid on the mic, a decent wrestler, and having been in tag teams with Jericho before helps his chances.

Do I think Christian is this fantastic Lord that is superior to Edge, The Rock, Bret Hart, and all the other legends? No, but he is quite capable to do more in WWE than hang around on the "C" brand of WWE.

Before I ramble on, I think that he and Jericho will be a tag team and retain the titles because there really is nobody else that comes to mind.

Predicted Winners: Chris Jericho and Christian to retain in a 10-20 minute match

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler w/Maria

In what seems to look like a very good feud in the making, Dolph Ziggler has really proven to me that he can do so much more than he ever did on Raw.

Ziggler is more than some egomaniac who tells everyone his name as he has been really building up his character as of late with all of his in ring success.

Mysterio on the other hand is still capable of having fantastic matches, so this match with Ziggler could be a show stealer.

Another thing that I do like about Ziggler is this new relationship with Maria because maybe there is hope for some Maria heel turn to be the manager to help Ziggler win matches by distracting the referee.

I do want Ziggler to hold the championship, but it is too early for Mysterio to give up the belt unless they are trying to kill the prestige that has recently been built up in Mysterio's feud with Jericho.

With that being said, I think that Mysterio will retain the belt, but he will lose it to Ziggler by at least Breaking Point in September.

Predicted Winner: Rey Mysterio to retain in a 15-25 minute contest

World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Arguably the best match on the card (If you like Jeff Hardy) both CM Punk and Jeff Hardy will put on a show. The slow elevation of Punk's turn has been done for perfection and this feud with Jeff Hardy over their different lifestyles has been fantastic.

Though I do not get why WWE wants you to cheer for the drug addict opposed to the "Straightedge Superstar" is beyond me, but there is nothing more annoying than a self-righteous preacher and that is exactly what Punk has become.

I think the obvious choice is to put Punk over to keep his title reign strong as well as possibly rid the WWE of Jeff Hardy would garner major heat and Punk would lead Smackdown in the absence of Undertaker, Edge, and Jeff Hardy.

I think that Punk will once again use some form of cheating to win without getting himself disqualified.

I do want Punk to pin Hardy 1-2-3, but there needs to be some form of distraction. Possibly a low blow while the referee is not looking, but he does need to hit the Go To Sleep because it will make him look stronger opposed to a roll up.

In the end of the match, I know Jeff will be cheated somehow and if he is indeed leaving the WWE after Night of Champions, I fully expect him to tell the live audience that he quits or is taking time off.

Something like The Rock did after his three minute match with Goldberg, where Rock told the fans that he would leave, but it was not the end of The Rock's career.

He could even yell, "I Quit!" and storm out. But that is if he has not signed an extension, but I am not aware if he has.

Anyways, expect a very good match as both men can carry a match. I fully expect Punk to retain.

Predicted Winner: CM Punk to retain in a 20-35 minute match

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H

Now this is a match that I simply do not care about because it's lack of build up. There is not much to say here, but I expect Rhodes and DiBiase to interfere at some point and be fed to Cena and Triple H as well as just the same old things that these men usually do in the ring together.

It will be a good match because all three men have good chemistry, but I really just do not care about these three in the main event all the time.

Look at Smackdown featuring CM Punk, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler, and Jeff Hardy.

They may not all be 6'3 and 200+ lbs, but they at least mix it up on Smackdown with new and great, young talent.

By the end of the night, I think that Randy Orton will not be champion due to the fact that WWE likes to pull a swerve here and there that maybe should not have gone down. I think Triple H will win the championship in a decent match and we could possibly see someone new enter the main event mix by Summerslam...Just kidding!

We will probably see either Orton or Cena face Triple H at Summerslam in my opinion.
Once more, this will be a good match, but I do not want to watch it again.

This feud has gotten stale between Orton and Triple H whereas Cena was not a great addition either. This will close out the show as I fully expect a new WWE Champion.

Predicted Winner: Triple H to win the WWE Championship in a 20-30 minute match

In my opinion, Night of Champions looks very solid on paper as I have high expectations for the show in general.

I predicted a few changes which I think are the only titles that make sense to change as well as predicting Christian despite the fact that it may not happen.

I hope you have enjoyed my preview and I do suggest purchasing this if you cannot get an online stream because this show is full of potential and with the exception of a few thrown together matches as well as Raw's main event, it has been very well built.

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