Rumors For WWE's Night Of Champions

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJuly 25, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Batista walks to the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Hey it's Svyato. I'm currently on Vacation, but since I have a computer here I decided to inform you guys on some rumors I had heard.


Rumor No. 1

If you hate Batista brace yourself!

There have been some rumors around Batista's return. One suggested that he would be returning at Night Of Champions to interfere with the WWE Championship Match. There are two variations to this though.

One suggests that Batista would come back and help Triple H capture the WWE Championship. Despite what Orton did to Dave, he would not feud with Randy, but instead Triple H. On Monday Night Raw as Triple h is celebrating he would say he has to thanks Dave for the assist.

Batista would then come out saying that since he is the one who helped him win the title he should get the first shot at it. Orton would come out telling Dave that he has a rematch and he is planning to use it, but then the guest host (Shaq, I believe) would come out.

He would tell Randy that there will be a No. 1 contender's match between Orton and Batista that night. Batista would go on to win later in the night as Orton would get DQ.

Important Note: This would mean that Dave Batista would finaly go heel.

Other rumor suggests that he interferes with the match destroying Cena and Triple H and helping Orton win. The next night Orton would come out addressing Dave and telling him he has finaly made the right choice by joining him.

Batista would then come out telling Orton that he did that because he wants his shot at the title. Triple H would come out arguing with Dave that it should be him competing for the title and not Batista and that results in a No. 1 contenders match between those two. Dave would win and go on to face Randy.

Note: In this feud Batista would stay face.


My Thoughts

I beg WWE not to bring Dave back yet. I do not want him coming back one night and looking like a million bucks only to have him look like a piece a crap the next. I hope WWE lets Batista go through a lot of training before he can come back and compete again. And if he gets injured again(3-4 months after the return) I will officially join the Batista haters on B/R.


Rumor No. 2

The second rumor is surrouding the hot topic of Jericho's tag partner. When I first heard that it could be Undertaker or HBK tagging up with Chris I doubted it. But since I do consider myself B/R's and the world's biggest Jericho fan I decide to look into it.

First things first, both Undertaker and HBK have been cleared to compete so this makes the possibility more realistic.

Second of all there have also been rumors on Vince's desire to return Undertaker as a heel to the WWE and tagging him up with the biggest heel in all of WWE is probably the best way.

It has also been said that vince wants another big shocker at Night of Champions and having HBK and Jericho on the same side would be as big as you can get. Plus WWE is looking to refresh the tag division and is there a better way than having Jericho (possibly the best man in the business) tag up with amazing talent such as Undertaker or HBK would do the thing.

So now that the possibility is there I decided to look in to the big question...

Which one would it be?

After I was done I came to the conclusion that it would be Undertaker coming back and joining Jericho.

I could've been either way, but some hard facts led me to believe it would be Undertaker and not HBK. Why?

First I do not think Vince will allow the Champions to be divided on two different brands which means it can't be HBK.

Second of all Undertaker is suppose to be fully recovered while HBK is said to be still working out a few stuff. Another thing is that Undertaker is suppose to be retiring in 2010. Vince was quoted saying, "I wanna do big things with this man before he leaves." So that would be yet another reason why it would more likely be Undertaker.

The big one is that his medics released a statement saying that he may need time off from the singles division and honestly I do not think HBK needs time off from anything, he's HBK.

Last, but not least why would you have a guy who is possibly the most beloved by the fans turn heel. HBK is a big cash cow and if he goes heel his populairity with the younger audience will likely go down and I am more than sure that WWE will not want that happening.

After my research I have come to the conclusion that it will be Undertaker and Jericho vs. Legacy this Sunday.


My Thoughts

Even though I am tremendously depressed that a greay team like Jericho and Edge was ended because of an injury, I believe Undertaker and Jericho will be a good substitute.

These are both tremendous performers and both are men that can worl the mic. And I was thinking that after Edge and Jericho would lose the belts they could feud with each other. I believe they can do the same with these two.

Svyato out. Hope you are all enjoying your summers!