Baltimore Orioles: Is Daniel Cabrera for Real?

Michael EmreyContributor IMay 10, 2008

I'm Daniel Cabrera, and I'm for real?

Am I?  Was that a question?  Well, no one is really sure.  One thing is certain: Cabrera has been electric in his last five starts for the Orioles, going 3-1.

During that five-game stretch, four of which were road games, Cabrera compiled a minuscule 2.19 ERA. 

His most impressive performace came on May 8 at Kansas City, where he allowed just one earned run, struck out seven, and only walked one batter in a complete-game, three-hitter.

Has Daniel Cabrera finally developed poise, stamina, and control on the mound?  There are two ways to look at the situation.  First, one could say, "finally," meaning they are probably an Orioles fan who has been waiting for Cabrera to develop since 2004. 

The other way to look at the last five games for Daniel Cabrera is to say it is just a small sample of the larger picture.  At times, Cabrera has looked great.  But most of the time he has been inconsistent. 

I am not sold on Daniel Cabrera...not yet anyway.  This is the same player who gave up 25 homers last season, along with 108 walks. 

I will continue to root for Cabrera because I feel he still has a considerable amount of potential. However, I will not get my hopes up because I have seen what he has done in the past. 

Here are some bold predictions:

Daniel Cabrera: 13-9, 160 K's, 4.08 ERA, 20 HR allowed. 

Feel free to disagree, or just leave a comment.