More QB Thoughts from Coach Smith

The WolverineCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

Courtesy of the Freep:

Smith on Sheridan: "Nick, he's a resilient guy, and to go through what we all went through last year and him put up with a lot of criticism, he's a tough kid. He probably had a tremendous spring, he's a lot more comfortable, and you can just tell he's a different player at this time.

..."Nick's kind of like a coach almost. He understands what we want and knows what we want, probably more so than any of them because he's been entrenched longer than any of them. He can take Tate and Denard and show (them) this is the technique we want. This is what we're looking at, these are the drills we do."

Smith on Forcier: "Tate did a very good job for the spring for his first time in college. He's supposed to be at prom and he's practicing football and in classes. ..."He has that ability to escape things. That's why we recruited him. He has the ability to make something happen when things break down, and he runs well enough that he can hurt you."

Smith on Robinson: "Denard's a different factor. Denard tucks it in, you may not catch him."