It's Not Wrestling, It's Bleacher Report

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2009

What is so funny is that every single one of you put down those who are there to entertain you every single night.

It is the people on here who criticize those who are putting on a show every night for the fans, and I am sick and goddamn tired of it.

If you don’t like what you are watching, then change the goddamn channel.

Bleacher Report shouldn’t be about who writes a better hate article on Cena or Batista; if someone should be saying something bad it should be the wrestlers lashing out on you.

If I was one of them I would be telling you to take your criticism and shove so far up your own ass that you can feel it in your gut.

Everyday damn day it’s this and that and you call yourself writers…ha-ha…funny you guys are writers, more like every other person on this damn planet.

I know this won’t change anything and I can give a damn if you have anything to say, because you are just going to prove to me you can’t say anything positive.

You tell me which of any that I doubt that can do what those guys that put their bodies on the line every damn night for you and for you to say how bad their moves are or how stupid their gimmick is.

This is coming from people that come up with the stupid nicknames I have ever heard in my life time.

You don’t like what your watching well turn the Mother FUC**** channel.

WWE and TNA don’t need people who are going to be negative just because you ruined your life and never gave yourself a chance to do what they say.

I want to clean up every negative article one article at a time and it’s going to start now.

If you don’t like what TNA and WWE have to offer creativity wise, then you can go to college get your masters in journalism or something and you become a writer for one of the companies and change it yourself.

I really could care less what the hell you have to say and I don’t want you to comment my damn article, I could give a shit if you rate it, but you negativity is going to bring this website down fast if you don’t stop with the negative nay say.

I am not calling out certain people I am calling out everyone of you and you better take notice because Adrian has spoken his damn mind and I could care less if you like it or not.