NHL: Some of the Funniest Moments

Alan BassSenior Writer IJuly 24, 2009

We all love funny moments.

But what about us hockey fans, who thirst for blood every time we go to the rink? There's nothing funny about hockey. This game is serious.

Okay, well, a lot of the game is pretty funny. Here are a list of some of the funniest moments in recent hockey history.

Post your own favorite funny moments!

The funniest goalie moments in the history of the NHL…or at least the modern NHL…until the lockout. Nonetheless, this is one of the funniest top ten Sportscenter lists I have ever seen.

The Ron Hextall beating of Chris Chelios makes me proud as a Flyers’ fan, while the No. 1 funniest moment makes me love life.



This clip is probably the funniest clip I’ve ever seen in hockey. They should absolutely remove this rule from the rulebook. There isn’t one hockey fan who wouldn’t stand up and applaud if Roy’s antics led to an Avalanche goal.


This is absolutely me in about 10-15 years. This commercial is brilliant.


I must admit, this is something that has ever happened to me. And if it did happen to me, I wouldn’t be alive to tell the story. But I wouldn’t bet against this happening at least once somewhere in the corporate world.


Michel Therrien is angry at his team. Because they played horribly. Well, I think the team figured out why. Just ask Stanley Cup-winning coach Dan Bylsma. Oh yeah. I said it.


Hitch was never at a loss for words. Talking about Niittymaki giving up a goal from center ice. Didn’t look like Niitty was ready, did it?

“No s**t,” he says.


You won’t like Hitch when he’s angry. Seriously, this guy probably turns into the Incredible Hulk. I wouldn’t doubt it.


Not so much funny, but basically what every coach in the NHL thinks of Alexander the Great.



What hockey fan doesn’t want to see the top ten Sean Avery moments? I know I do!


The classic.

Sloppy seconds. Funniest thing ever. By the way, don’t you wish he was punk’d more often by the NHL?

Bettman: “Sean, we’re gonna give you $20 million to be our spokesperson”

Avery: “Really???”

Bettman: “Pssh, no! Are you high?”

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