Superstars Who Really Need a Better Theme

Adnan AhmedContributor IJuly 24, 2009

A superstar's theme should excite the audience and electrify the people; here are few wrestlers that fail to do that. (For me at least.)


Dolph Ziggler

This guy is surely going to be a world champion in the next year or so, and one of the things he needs to do is find a theme that he can stick to for a while. He has gone through three or four now (I think).

Suited Theme: Tear Away by Drowning Pool



If the WWE wants to establish Carlito as a full fledged heel, I think they should give him a more heel like character-related theme.

Example: If was watching WWE for the first time and Carlito came out to his entrance music and boos, I'd be like WTF, why are they booing him? He sounds like a good guy.

Suited Theme: Something with a more heel-like aggressive sound to it but not too aggressive because we still want the Caribbean vibe there (I think)


Matt Hardy

Again, the theme is still very face-like, but i guess the creative team or whoever picks the themes for these guys didn't focus on this too much because of his feud with Jeff Hardy.

Suited Theme: Remix of current theme ("Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet)


And last but not least....



Across the nation by the Union Underground was much better than To be loved by Papa Roach. That theme made me want to watch the show over and over again.

Suited Theme: Across the Nation by Union Underground