The 2009 Way to Early North Title Look

james johnContributor IJuly 24, 2009

So the 2009 Big 12 Media poll is out and surprise, surprise it looks just like most of us thought the media would vote. First I want to point out the UT/OU ranks. How on Gods green earth could you really choose one school over the other. That has to be the hardest decision on the list, not. It is a close one but and to me a 51/49 choice. But I would take OU over UT and the reason being DEFENSE. OU is loaded on D when you compare them to UT who lost one of the best DE in the game. That is going to haunt them. Ohh and the RB situation in Austin, ok I got that out of the way.

Let’s look at the really hard question the North Division. NU, MU, and KU: really you can tell me that in Bo Pelini’s 2nd year he is going to win the struggling North’s title? Well maybe, he does have some tough south games but TTU at home, OU at home, and an ever improving BU at Waco. MU on the hand, looks just as bad really, they get UT at home, BU at home, and have to travel to Stillwater to take on OSU. Ouch poor KU, at TTU, at UT, and OU at home. The clear favorite for 3rd place in the north has to be KU. I do not see them winning any of theses game. They could make them close but 1 out of the 3 would be a great win. So it is really down to MU and NU. You automatically think NU right. Well what makes them the clear favorite? Both teams will be starting a new QB this year. Both teams have recruited well, but you may give NU the leg up on that. So given that NU has to play at MU, at KU and even at CU, I am leaning towards MU taking the north this year. Based on the schedule and the fact that the south teams they play will be a wash both teams will get good to take 1 of the 3. Not sure if either can take 2 of the 3 from the south. So after all of that it’s down to who, plays who, and where. So my coin toss is


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