The Tattoo Monster: Robert Swift

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2008
Photo Source: [ESPN Deportes]

08 Season Stats: 1.8ppg 2.3rpg 0.8bpg

As you can see, Robert Swift had quite the season. He contributed close to 2 points and 2 rebounds a game and sometimes even a blocked shot as well. *Sarcasm*. This guy has possessed such a high ceiling and has yet to reach his potential. However the more he gets injured, the more I doubt he will ever be effective. I don't want to label him as a bust yet because he has still not played an entire full season in an established role. But injures have taken control of this poor guy's career. Unfortunately he is defined more by his red hair and his tattoos rather than his actual performance on the court.

There were several glimpses of promise during his short appearance this year. He fits with the Sonics much more than Johan Petro, and seems to be a smarter player than Petro. I think he is bulked up enough to compete with other centers in this league. But I think his biggest improvement needs to come on the offensive end, scoring and rebounding wise. If Swift can stay healthy and pull down 8 rebounds a game next season, then the Sonics actually might be legit contenders.

For some odd reason, despite the injuries, I have a secret desire for Robert Swift to stay a Sonic and succeed. I just think he's to much of a talent to even think of letting go. The obvious key to Swift's future is his ability to stay healthy. If he is able to stay healthy, more fans will get to see why he was an NBA lottery pick. But that is a big "if". And that's what Robert Swift's season or entire career has been, a big fat "if".

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