The Farce Is Strong With That Padawan,Spurrier Confesses Mix-Up!

Ren C.Correspondent IJuly 24, 2009

Spurrier confesses!  Ah,so it was a mix-up?  Spurrier calls it a miscommunication between him and Jamie Speronis, who sent in Spurrier's ballot.

Coach Spurrier now in NC,won a Heisman trophy to,he also played for Florida.  Tim Tebow would have had a full house of Coaches votes had it not been for this mysterious mix-up from former Florida player and Coach Steve Spurrier.

So,you have the confession by the Coach who actually voted NO to Tebow.

It wasn't Coach Saban,it was not Coach Kiffen,it was not Pat Dye ;) it was not  any of the  Coaches that the;whisper....whisper....rumor-mill gossip mongers insinuated about those men.  It was a Florida man himself,yep you got it.  SPURRIER strikes again.

Ah the Drama Lamas the suspense,the total wasted time on television and in print,all wanting to put the head of the no voting Coach on their wall.  Well,you have him by name. What you do with this information is up to you.

Personally,I am going to just laugh and move onto a story that has merit,power and gump.

Where Spurrier is concerned.....  "The Farce is strong in this padawan."