Cally Gault: One of North Augusta's Leading Legends

GregCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

(Interviews from the Augusta Chronicle, also this is the First of a many part series about my town's "Local Heroes")

As a member of the North Augusta High School football team, we talk about our legends, our greatest players and coaches. Last year we had great players such as Tidy and Brett Johnson, no relation. Some people believe our QB is destined for greatness and so are our linebackers.

The thing is, all of those are debated. Some love and some hate. But there is one name that we can't disagree over. There is one name that, if some freshman or rookie asks who that is the closest senior near him will slap him on the back of the head. That name is Cally Gault.

Gault was the coach for The North Augusta Yellow Jackets from 1953-1962. In that time, Gault solidified himself as a legend. His record was 88-14-7. One of the records that is yet to be beaten by any other coach at the school. In between the seasons of 1953-1957 he lead the Jackets to a 42 game unbeaten streak, which is also a record still held at the school.

He also brought NA their 58 and 61 State Championships. Along with making history on the field, Gault made many close friends with the other coaches and players that were with him throughout his time there. Bob Stillwell was on Gault's last four teams. Mr. Stillwell told the Augusta Chronicle "He was like a second father to me. Rarely do I come back to North Augusta, but I have never seen such a turnout for a Hall of Famer."

After he left North Augusta he went to coach Presbyterian College, his alma mater, for 22 seasons. He came back to be inducted into the Hall of Fame on May 3 2003. No one will ever forget what he did for his players and how he changed the town of North Augusta.


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