LeBron James Video Not Even Bad and Mark Buehrle Makes History

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IJuly 24, 2009

When word broke that there was a video of Lebron James getting dunked on, the public wanted to see it. Instead of that happening Nike took the tape, and it wasn’t seen until Wednesday.

The dunk was shot off of a cell phone during Lebron’s summer camp. I watched it, and all I could say was “That was it?” I watched it again and again, but it still didn’t hit why Nike confiscated that tape. The dunk wasn’t even that bad.

It’s unknown whether it was the business’s idea or Lebron’s to confiscate the tape. It wasn’t even that worth it. People would not have thought less of James. Everyone gets dunked on, so just because the ‘next coming’ gets dunked on everyone is going to like him less? Just stupid.

They had me thinking it was going to be like a slamball throw down where James just totally gets it handed to him, but it wasn’t even like that at all. I think the everyone overreacted about this video. Most people will watch it and forget about it.

In other non-basketball news: Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game. I am sure all of you know about this even before you read this, but I would just like to congratulate him on such a great baseball achievement.

He now has 2 no-hitters and a perfect game under his belt. That is way more than most major league pitchers can say. I agree with Jerod that Buehrle is a very underrated player. He usually flies under the radar. Buehrle is having a great year, and hope he has many great years later in is career.