Jevan Snead VS Tim Tebow

matt maldoContributor IJuly 24, 2009

Before people start judging me for thinking that anyone is better than Superman Tim Tebow, let's examine things shall we.Many people don't know that Jevan Snead originally was gonna play for Florida, but then ended up signing with texas before he transferred to Ole Miss.So he crossed paths with two other great quarterbacks that if he had played for both teams respectively than maybe we wouldn't have known who either were.Now I gotta make a case for Tebow who has two national championships, one as a starter and one as a backup, who has a heisman and may even win another heisman, and another championship.Head to head last year Ole Miss beat Florida but I can't really give credit to either because it was the Ole Miss defense that won that game.The two of them have very different playing styles as well,one is a prototypical stay in the pocket quarterback, the other is like a hybrid type player, who is nothing like we have really seen before, who can run, throw, and smash defenders.Now here's my reason why I think Jevan Snead is better, one his talent around him is not nearly as good as Tebows.Plus his coach Houston Nutt is no where near is good as Urban Meyer, who by the way made Chris Leak who didn't even get drafted in the NFL look good.He made Alex Smith look like a superstar, and he became the number 1 pick, but can't even get on the field with the 49er's and is probably when it,s all said and done is gonna be a major bust, but that's just my opinion.

BTW:I'm not biased against either quarterbacks becasue I'm not a fan of either team or player it's just strictly my opinion.

So tell me what you think, let the comments fly away.