Breaking News: LeBron Stands Near Someone Dunking

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Breaking News: LeBron Stands Near Someone Dunking
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

By now everyone has seen it. The now infamous, "LeBron being ducked on" video. 

Well, I now expect an apology from the dunkee, for not coming out and letting everyone know before the video came out that it would be nothing but a waste of two minutes of our lives.

Sure, I'd love to get my 15 minutes of fame for a couple of days, maybe a week, for being known as the guy who dunked over LeBron, but if I knew this was the video that would eventually surface showing the dunk, I would have immediately put rumors to rest. 

I hear enough about LeBron James already, I don't need to be alerted everyone time he closely views another basketball player dunking. 

I'll admit to the initial excitement I had when first hearing that there was a video displaying The King getting dunked on, but I, along with everyone else in this world, had that same image in my head of some no-name posterizing The Chosen One (does he have enough nicknames, by the way?). 

When all said and done, sure I only lost a few minutes from my precious life, but come on, if I wanted to see this kind of footage I'd watch the WNBA.

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