NHL: The Northern Hockey League

Dave JensenContributor IMay 9, 2008

Ok hockey fans, lets get back to the basics of how this sport can save itself. Lets be honest, no one in the south gives a rats ass about hockey. I understand that its all about making money, but the last time I checked, hockey isnt doing so well in that category. NASCAR has taken over hockey in popularity, are you kidding me!? Dont get me wrong, I watch NASCAR, for the last 20 laps at least. We need to get back to the way hockey use to be and it starts with relocating the teams, starting with everything south of the mason-dixon line! Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay lightning, Carolina, Atlanta, ect... can all just stop what they are doing. Its all about football down there. They only care about hockey if they make it to the finals, and even then, they still dont know what they're cheering for. Example: Go to a Carolina game, one little bump check, and the whole crowd will roar like someone just got laid out. Go to a wings game, and it's expected. Wings fans dont cheer unless there is a body flying or blood on the ice. Ok, back to the move, take those southern teams, the California and Texas teams, and move them north. Seattle, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Maine, Montana, ect.. could all use some NHL hockey in their lives. The NHL would get more fan interest in the game if this were to happen and more fans equals more money. Also, take the original six and put them into a division of their own. You want to talk about a rivalry, this will start WWIII. Its simple math here, put hockey were hockey is more attractive to the fans, and all will fall into place for this sport.