John Morrison: The Star Of WWE 'Superstars'

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2009

WWE Superstars is actually usually one of the better shows in my mind and this week it did not disappoint. It features mainly straight wrestling matches, with little or no ridiculous drama. I'm not saying I'm completely against drama, but when RAW puts on a two—hour show with an hour and a half of drama, it's a bit disappointing.

There's an old saying "quality over quantity" and this week's Superstars lived up to that. There were only three matches, but they were all exciting to watch and each lasted longer than thirty seconds.

Match One: Christian defeats William Regal

It's really a shame that Regal is jobbing now, because he's actually a really talented performer. He had the advantage throughout most of the match and pulled off some great power moves.

Another great thing about Regal is that he can get enormous heat. The crowd absolutely hates him! (I did find it humorous when the crowd started chanting USA at the beginning of the match, considering the competitors).

He is getting old, however, and he will excel at putting the newer superstars on ECW over. Not only can he sell moves well, but he can also make his opponent look good by dominating most of the match and then "being overcome."

This is exactly what he did to Christian tonight. He gave Christian some great momentum going into NoC so hopefully Christian can take the title back from Tommy Dreamer.


Match Two: Evan Bourne defeats Jamie Noble

I saw Jamie Noble in the ring and I thought this was going to be a squash match, but Noble actually put up a pretty impressive fight. It was mainly to push Bourne though, so it wasn't hard to predict who would win.

Bourne looked great in this match and hit a good number of athletic moves including his impressive finisher, the shooting star press. Noble actually hit a few impressive moves and countered the shooting star press twice. But, like I said, the match was to build up Bourne.

Hopefully Bourne will continue to be pushed. I wish he had been in the six pack challenge because he really deserves to be in a mid—card title hunt. The only reason I say mid—card is because he's not the biggest guy, so I don't see him as a World Title holder any time soon, if ever.


Main Event: John Morrison defeats Kane

Why is the "D" show the only show that realizes a main event needs to be longer than four minutes? John Morrison and Kane gave us a solid twenty minute main event. That's what I want to see from RAW and ECW!

Both of these competitors put on a great show if you ask me. I think Kane is probably the best monster in WWE now (although I am liking what Mark Henry is doing) and John Morrison is one of the best, if not the best, high flyer right now.

Kane dominated with his power moves, and Morrison fought back valiantly with exciting, high—energy moves. This clash of styles made for a very exciting match which left the viewer truly wondering who would win. Unless of course you looked up the spoilers.

Morrison ended up winning by DQ when Kane threw a chair at him. Kane was looking to dish out more damage to Morrison, but Khali came in, allowing Morrison to get in a chair shot of his own. Kane and Khali then had a brief encounter, showing that they will probably be feuding in the near future.

I've written briefly on the possibility of these two feuding before, and I said that I would not like to see it happen, but after seeing what Kane was capable of tonight, I think he just may be able to pull it off. Khali may be a lost cause, but Kane could at least keep us halfway interested.

As for Morrison, he needs to be in a damn PPV already. They guy is one of the best, not to mention one of my favorites. He's got skill, he's got charisma, he's got experience; put him in a title hunt!

Overall, Superstars put on a great show, especially after what RAW and ECW put on this week. Hopefully, the "A" show can learn from this taping.

Thanks for reading and as usual, feedback is always appreciated.