Memo to LeBron James: Get Down on the Block Already!

Johnny BucketsCorrespondent IMay 9, 2008

Oh, it's deja vu. LeBron, for the 2nd year straight, has met a defensive powerhouse that is daring him to shoot from the outside, and for the 2nd straight year, it's working.

Watching the Celtics absolutely lock down LeBron has been a little frustrating for me, because this happened last year. 

My buddies, who I've watched these games with, have claimed that LeBron's inability to shoot a long range jumper is the difference between him and Kobe Bryant.

To me, that is a difference, but not the difference.

I've wondered to myself for all of these past two games why LeBron insists on trying to attack the paint against a team packing it in and living with him shooting long range jumpers.

It doesn't add up. It just seems like a lost cause, and it has been so far.

How about this Mr. James...Post up! You are 6'8 and weigh 260 pounds according to recent reports. That is Elton Brand size. That is Carlos Boozer size.

He has every bit the size, length, strength, touch and footwork of those guys, plus even greater quickness and better passing awareness upon receiving double teams.

Why hasn't he, or those around him, figured this out yet?

Instead of conforming to what fans want him to do by developing the shot of a shooting guard, he needs to go the opposite way and use his strengths. Develop the post game of a power forward.

This would counter-balance different defensive schemes thrown at him. He is practically already there too, he just needs to become comfortable doing it.

The bottom line is this. LeBron is a decent shooter, but people need to stop trying to make him into something he isn't going to be.

Don't get me wrong either, he is a small forward for the duration, but for pinches like this where defense gets tough, he needs to get down on the block and abuse these small forwards who simply won't be able to check him down low.

He has all the tools of a great post player, but those tools are being wasted. What a shame.