Lakers Need Pau Gasol To Get Tough...or Andrew Bynum To Come Back

Mark OgarteCorrespondent IMay 9, 2008

It was kind of frustrating.


Men, as good as Pau Gasol was, he was still oh, too soft to be a more reliable big man down the stretch.

He couldn't rebound. Couldn't play defense. Totally outplayed, outhustled once again by Boozer...

Andrew Bynum we need you boy!

I know the Lakers will win this series in five or six.

But the question that still remains, can this team compete upto its maximum limit against teams as physical and tough as Detroit, New Orleans, San Antonio and Boston.. ?!

Does this squad have just enough firepower and toughness within them to get going against those above-mentioned, grind-it-out teams?!

Remains to be seen.. Awwwww...

They were right all along.

We needed Andrew Bynum here.

Trevor, where are you to stop Korver and Kirilenko from dancing their ways out?!

This team lacks a sort of a strong presence inside.

That weakpoint apparently has been deliberately exposed in this series, even though they came out manhandling Utah the first two games, which could turn out to be an odious liability for those other squads awaiting if Kobe's prophecy stands true --- "We'll still be playing 'till June" ..


As it was, I see it's going to be tough as it is going forward.

The road doesn't sound to be as smooth as expected heading into that desired destination -- The Finals.

Phil, please remind your boys:

Championship teams don't garner glory mired in softness, it's their toughness and defensive mettle that reap basketball's most coveted crown.

Too bad, this team lacks any of those, at this point...

Show me some toughness and defense! Come on Lakes!