TNA Victory Road: Road to Failure for Knockouts

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2009

TNA recently put on a Pay Per View entitled Victory Road, which featured two Knockout matches. The first was the rematch for the Knockouts Title between current champion Tara and former champion Angelina Love. While the match itself wasn't too bad, TNA decided to go the WWE route and, through shenanigans, give Angelina the title back after losing it just two weeks prior.

It was pretty much implied that the referee was receiving sexual favors from one member of The Beautiful People, Madison, so he would ignore Tara's foot on the rope when she was pinned. TNA has now put their Knockouts into a position of using sex with a referee to get what they want. Great job, "Crossing The Line" TNA.

I don't understand either company's concept of taking a title off a champion just to give it back less than a month later. Doing this to Tara gives no credibility of any kind to the Knockouts Title and, quite frankly, does nothing for Love either. She'll most likely not hold it for much longer either.

Honestly, the only good part was seeing Tara go a bit nuts and take her frustrations out on Angelina and on the referee.

The failure of Victory Road was about to meet its ultimate end, its 12-car pile-up, so to speak.

Sharmell and Jenna Morasca were actually given a "revenge" match on the card. I can't even comment on the match because it wasn't one. It wasn't even quite a cat fight.

Sharmell fighting in a evening gown was funny, and maintained her character of not being a wrestler, and she, Kong, and Sojo Bolt were the only non-embarrassments of the segment.

Having to actually watch Jenna attempt wrestling of any kind was painful, awkward, and completely non-amusing. She was dressed horribly, moved terribly, and couldn't run the ropes to save her life.

With all the jokes and cracks TNA makes about the WWE and some of its Divas not being the greatest of wrestlers, none of them have ever been put into a Pay Per View match and attempted to legitimately wrestle.

If this had been on IMPACT, I'd have cared less, but this was given time on a Pay Per View, which means time was taken away from the rest of the matches so this could be on the card.

Where TNA gets it right is on IMPACT with Sarita and Alissa. They completely fail at Victory Road with, well, everything. For every one step they take forward, TNA takes eight steps back. It seems like, since Gail Kim's departure, the Knockouts just haven't gotten on a consistent roll, and it's truly hurting their product.

So, if the path truly leads to Victory Road, I'll take the U-Turn instead.