The NHL Playoffs: Who Wants It The Most?

Mike HenryContributor IMay 9, 2008

Hi everybody, I am new to this, so this will likely be a short, brief rant.  I guess to start talking about the playoffs, I did have the Sharks taking it all, as I thought Nabokov's expertise in net would finally get them all the way, but as it seemed to show, eventually the team has to score sometime, and Brenden Morrow mercifully ended that marathon! 

I can definitely say with school the next morning, I did not have the will power to stay up until 2AM :).  Anyways, I was one that succumbed to Detroit’s recent early playoff departures to write them off, but looking at them now, you can not deny their offense, with the emergence of "Mule" Franzen, they could return to the finals.  However, in letting my CBJ favoritism run through, I am still miffed to this point that Pascal Leclaire got screwed out of the all-star game, whereas Osgood got the invite. 

I still believe not only did Osgood have the advantage of a MUCH more complete team playing in front of him, but he seemed to not play that often at the time, while splitting time with Hasek.  Oh well, guess it was just what-goes-around-comes-around, as Leclaire seemed to get hurt every other week in the 2nd half, and we had to put Norrena out there.  Sorry, just sour grapes there.

    So back to the playoffs, I saw where Pittsburgh at this point just earned a 1-0 series lead over Philly.  Most people at this point I would assume know the offense firepower Pittsburgh features with Sid, Malkin, Gonchar, Hossa, and others.  However, during the Philly-Montreal series, I began to really like the Flyers mold, as looking at the regular season; any fan of their team would have to appreciate having if I remember right 7 20 goal scorers in the regular season. Plus, as an OSU student, I have to root for former Buckeye Umberger, as he is being quite productive.  I would give a finals prediction here, but it seems superfluous with both series already in action!