The Rock Confronts John Cena

D-KwikContributor IJuly 22, 2009

We all know The Rock left WWE 6 years ago and yes he has made appearences but, it's not what we want.

We all want The Rock to come back and at least have one more match for us. John Cena believes this too and has been trying to get a rise out of Dwayne Johnson for quite some time.

Everytime DJ is asked about Cena & WWE he laughs it off and changes the subject. I absolutely love The Rock and I respect what he has doen and I stand by him, but, I believe he at least owes us one more match.

Everyone talks about Cena/Rock and everyone has a pick, most say Rock and others like 12 year old girls say Cena.

The fact of the matter is I, like every other fan would love to see this match. With that said I put together a promo that I thought was interesting.

This promo is The Rock finally coming back to confront Cena.

Cena's music hits and comes out, he begins to talk about The Rock.

Cena- The Rock, The People's Champ, The Brahma Bull... is a chump.

Crowd boos uncontrollably.

Oh yeah, see like all of you I was a huge fan growing up watching wrestling, and one of my favorite superstars was The Rock.

Hell, I tried everything to get his ass here, but nothing, the man won't even say anything.

And, haha ya know I had a lot of respect for Rock but, now i see that he's just a little b****...

The Rock's music hits, the crowd is ecstatic, out comes The Rock and into the ring.

The Rock- Before I get to you let me say one thing... Finally The Rock has come back to the WWE!

Now as for you Cena, The Rock was a little busy that's why The Rock didn't do anything. See unlike you Cena, The Rock is a very important man.

Ya see, a couple year's back The Rock was in the bathroom reading a new script, called "The Marine", oh ya that sounds familiar huh John, anyways The Rock read it and thought it was complete garbage.

Do you know what The Rock did with that script? Haha The Rock used it to wipe the people's a**!

Now what do you think about that?

Cena- I....

The Rock- It doesn't matter what you think!

Now The Rock has been gone but don't think The Rock hasn't been watching. The Rock seen ya rise to fame rap battling people doin your little 5 year old hand gesture,(mocking) "You Can't See Me".

Of course The Rock can see ya, ya look like a damn gorilla how can The Rock miss ya.

While The Rock was whoopin Hollywood's ass, you took over here and The Rock respects that.

But for the past couple of months you did nothin but call out The Great One, well Cena you got him.

Cena- It's about damn time! I thought you'd never show up, but I'm ready, I won't ever back down from a fight.

Cena takes his hat and his shirt off like he normally does.

The Rock- Woah woah woah woah woah WOAH! What in the blue hell are you doing? The Rock does'nt want to mate with you, The Rock does'nt give The People's Strudel to no man, uh-ah no way! The Rock gives it to the LADIES.

Cena is confused and shaking his head.

Wipe that dumb look of your face before The Rock slaps the taste out of your mouth!

Now The Rock can go on all night long about how great he is but hell i think I have a better idea.

How bout The Rock whoops your candy ass all over this arena!

The crowd is electrified and chanting Rocky, Both men get in each other's faces, when a slug fest occurs, Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but gets countered into The Rock Bottom.

The Rock takes off his shades and thows em in the crowd and delivers the peoples elbow, with a little you can't see me in there as well.

The Rock- Ya happy now Cena? You got got your ass beat by The Jabroni beatin, pie eatin, trail blazin, eyebrow raisin, all around smacketh down, The People's Champ, The Rock!

If ya smellllllllllalalalallowww what The Rock is cookin!