WWE Diva Spotlight: Katie Lea

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2009

Why She's Good:

Unlike many, Katie has an extensive independent wrestling history prior to the WWE, most of it involving in her native England. Katie has practically travelled the world and created a solid moveset for herself. From what has been shown in the WWE, Katie is a natural, not just in the ring but on the mic. She has got a lovely sneer, ala fellow Brit William Regal; add with the fact that every moves she makes with her eyes and every word she speaks is marked with disdain for those around her. 

She's a vicious vixen in the ring, as evidenced in her feud with Mickie James. Every move is elegantly brutal, with her sole intention being to destroy her opponent. Katie is a rarity in the WWE, and only a handful of her fellow Divas can stand toe-to-toe with her and her impressive resume.


Why She's Bad:

Like a few of her fellow Divas who are just as strong and just as vicious, the bad is not her fault. The WWE rushed her into a feud with then Women's Champion Mickie James, and since being unable to defeat her a year ago Katie has completely been dropped to the wayside. The WWE should, one day, realize that lack of consistent wrestling hurts in more ways than one; and that's what has happened to Katie. She has now been given the role of jobber on ECW, the Diva graveyard.


What she brings to the WWE:

Katie brings the goods. She's gorgeous, along with being a naturally gifted wrestler with some notable indie credentials. Katie is truly an under-rated and, sadly, unappreciated talent on the Divas roster; and one can only hope that time will be on her side and give this British beauty time to truly shine.