Would the Attitude Era Been the Same in a PG Era?

D-KwikContributor IJuly 22, 2009

The Attitude Era, possibly the greatest thing to happen to the WWE. This is when wrestling was at its best, it completely defied everything that wrestling stood for in the 1980's.

Vince McMahon went above and beyond in the late 1990's and made lots of superstars and gained many fans.

It is recorded that the start of the Attitude Era came when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XIV by defeating Shawn Michaels.

Although this is not the case because we credit Austin as the leader of the Era, and he began his rise to fame when he won the 1996 King Of The Ring.

Austin 3:16 was born.

The "family friendly" product we once seen was brought to it's demise when McMahon kicked it up a notch to appeal to a more adult audience.

The reason for this was to end the rating wars with WCW. It ended in a result of WCW losing pretty much everything and McMahon buying the company in 2001.

Looking back at the Attitude Era, there were many of great memories and great characters were created.

But, what would of happened of PG era took over the Attitude Era?

It wouldn't have been the same. If you think about it, there would have been many thing we would of never seen.

The Godfather and his hoes would have been gutted. "Suck It" from DX would have became "Hug It" instead.

The whole Attitude Era would have been completely destroyed.

Can you imagine not seeing Undertaker throw Mankind of a Hell In A Cell? Or how about when The Deadman crucified Austin?

Memories as we know of now would be the same memories we see today. We would have tweeners like Cena running a muck all over the place.

Stone Cold's character would have never lasted. The finger, the beer, and everything we know and love would have been distorted. He would still probably be the Ringmaster.

Now that is a scary thought. Also The Rock's catch phrases would be complete crap. There would be no rudy poo candy asses, and turning objects sideways and sticking them up candy or monkey asses.

NO PUPPIES!!! As Lawler would say. Ah man, not seeing Sable's...Nevermind that but still, can you imagine an Attitude Era with no sex appeal???

I sure as hell can't but thankfully this did not occur and we still have those great memories locked in our heads forever.

Sure we have to deal with PG now but it won't last forever... hopefully and we will be patient and wait the return of the Attitude Era.

And that's the bottom line cause DK said so...