Codemasters Acquires F1 Racing License, "F1 09" to Be Released Next Year

Jordan BagbeyCorrespondent IMay 9, 2008

    Codemasters, the British game developer that brought us Colin McRae: DiRT and is soon to bring us the highly anticipated Race Driver: GRID has recently acquired the license from Formula One Management to develop F1 video games. Sony was the recent owner of the license, but it was reported they dropped it because of the "hefty increase" of the price from FOM for the license. As a result, F1 08 was not developed or released.

    The deal with Codemasters includes all of the Formula One tracks, teams, cars, and all driver likenesses. Codemasters will also utilize its new EGO engine. The EGO produces stunning visuals as evidenced by the renderings of GRID which have been released by the UK developer. Codemasters will also release the game over a wide variety of gaming console platforms and also on PC. The first game is expected to be released sometime next year. 

    When I first read the reports of Codemasters grabbing the F1 license my jaw nearly fell through the earth's crust. Ever since 2001, the F1 games have been exclusive to only the Playstation consoles. Now since Codemasters acquired the license, it will hopefully (if they aren't stupid) be released on the Xbox360. I admit, I am a video game junkie, especially with racing games. It is no telling how many hours I have wasted my life playing PGR3 on Xbox Live. I will be at my university (Radford University) when this new F1 game is released. I probably won't even show up to class for a straight week because of this game. I am very glad that the games are going to be hopefully put on the 360. I am a die hard microsoft buyer, even if customer service sucks.

    Xbox Live is probably going to be nothing short of insane. Even if I'm American,  I'm basically a Limey at heart. It's pretty bad when your favorite color is British Racing Green. One of my friends has even told me: "You know if we ever go to war with the British again we'll probably tar and feather you first." Thanks man...

    But my point is this: Many Americans can't drive like the British can on Xbox Live, and the stats for PGR4 on pgrnations prove that accusation. Most Americans just can't drive road courses and when we get mad we simply start wrecking people. The British have a sort of refinement to their road racing driving and usually (I say again, usually, there's always bad apples) don't wreck people. So I am already looking forward to racing with a predominantly British crowd and very little Americans on Xbox Live. I also look forward to racing with other competitors around the world. Yay Globalization!

Thank you Codemasters for reviving the F1 Racing genre!