Hating the White Sox: How the Chicago media buries the Southsiders.

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IMay 9, 2008

The Chicago Cubs have lost nine of their last 13 games. That is a fact that has gone largely unreported undiscussed in the last few days.The Cubs were off yesterday and that is usually when the media harps on a teams shortcomings that is struggling. Not in Chicago.

I admit I am a Yankees fan so I can be neutral in the War of Chicago. But I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.

All week long every media outlet has been bashing the White Sox for the sex dolls and Ozzie going Ozzie in Toronto. If anyone actually listened to him, he was telling the truth about how the Sox are treated second class here. No one listened to his words. All they did was pick out the expletives and Make fun of his accent.

The two Chicago newspapers have taken to potshoting eachother over one calling the White Sox Organization "classless" and "sexist" and calling for Guillen and GM Kenny Williams jobs. While the other paper calls that paper out for being hypocrites. Noting that they object to sex dolls in a locker room but run strip club ads for the kids to see on their pages.

All very amusing but the fact remains that the Cubs are struggling and noone is talking about it. They have already won the World Series if you listen to most of the callers on local talk radio and even Sports Illustrated says "It's going to happen" Based on what track record? What have the Cubs done to warrant such a sense of entitlement?

Does anyone even notice that the Cubs bullpen is underperforming? Main setup man Bob Howry has a 6.61 E.R.A. and Kerry Wood has been anything but lights out as a closer so far.Then there are the starters. Jason Marquis and Ted Lilly both have ERAs over 5. Sports Illustrated cover boy Kosuke Fukudome is in a four-for-23 (.174) slump and has not homered since opening day. All these are facts.

The White Sox have their own problem and are looking more and more like a .500 team but the anointed ones on the North side are hitting a rough stretch and someone needs to notice.and call them out for it. They will not win it all with out a bullpen or consistent rotation.Chicago has two teams in turmoil.The only Cub to take any of the heat is Alfonso Soriano it can't be all his fault.

Maybe it's all Ozzies Fault.