Phillies Top Cubs in Extras on July 21

Chris DavisContributor IJuly 22, 2009

It was a perfect night for baseball in Philadelphia, the Phillies seeking the win to complete a 10 game winning streak. The Cubs had other plans.

The Phillies would be the first to strike. Harden made a mistake in the 3rd and Jimmy Rollins took it out for his 8th homer of the season.

The very next inning Theriot gets on base and Fukudome hits a ball to left field, it got by Ibanez and Theriot scores on a Fukudome double. Had Ibanez fielded the ball and not let it get by, Theriot would have been forced to remain at 3rd.

From there the pitchers were almost flawless,  Harden went 7 innings with 1 ER and Blanton went 6 innings also allowing 1 ER.

In the 9th A. Ramirez got hit by a pitch and Fukudome hit the ball hard up the middle but it hit Brad Lidge's foot and it bounced straight to Rollins who stepped on 2nd and threw to 1st for a inning-ending double play.

To extra innings they went, the bullpen was great for both teams but one mistake could end it all.

It was the 13th inning 2 outs, Howard and Ibanez walked and the next batter, Jason Werth, took a pitch and ripped it to left field for a walk-off 3 run homer.

So in the end the Phillies got their 10th win in a row and the Cubs suffered an emotional loss.