My Top Ten Nba Players

Chris DavisContributor IJuly 22, 2009

1. Lebron James. Now all you Kobe fans that are hatin' think about it. LeBron is a young player who can play defense and offense. He also can play ANY position (even center in a VERY small lineup).

2. Kobe Bryant. His career is great and he is still going strong. He is one of the best clutch shooters and when he is hot, well, there is nothing you can do except be thankful that you are witnessing something this amazing.

3. Chris Paul. This 6 foot stud can do it all. It seems like every time i turn on the tv and it shows a Hornet's game, Paul gets a triple-double with 20 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. He is the best leader you in the game after Steve Nash.

4.Dwight Howard. SUPERMAN!!! Well superman ain't super enough to get #1 but he is in the top 5. This young beast lead his team to the NBA championship. The only thing keeping him out of the 3 spot is he had too many disappointing games in the playoffs.

5.Dwayne Wade. Wade turned his team around last year leading the league in scoring. He had a large amount of clutch shots last year. But after last season D-wade is turning into a D-va.

6.Chris Bosh. Despite his teams awful performance last year Bosh is a top player that can produce 20 points 10 rebounds each game. He is dominant in the post and can shoot on the perimeter making him a tough player to guard.

7.Carmelo Anthony.He proved himself last year as a very good clutch player and improved his 3 point shot leading his team to the playoffs, yet again.

8. Paul Pierce. He has hit so many huge clutch shots in his career at Boston and yet, he is still probably one of the most underrated players. He has been the face of the Celtics in recent years.

9.Brandon Roy. This young man is THE most underrated player in the league. He can do it all. He can play defense, he can shoot, and he is also a clutch performer.

10. Derrick Rose. This outstanding rookie is a superstar to come. He led the Bulls to the playoffs and has been a leader for this young team. If he works on his perimeter jump shot he will be up at the top.