" In Theo You Trust" Really Boston Fans?

KOSTAS EVANGELIOUContributor IJuly 22, 2009

     I have sat back long enough to only hear how great Theo Epstein is for the Boston Red Sox. Well I am not buying it! If I must go down the line of all the free agent signing busts this man has had then I will.

In 2004 Boston won a world series with a Dan Douquette team. Theo got all the credit because he was "so brave" to trade away Nomar Garciaparra who was well at the end of his career at that point, not to mention he was plagued by a wrist injury and in my eyes became the "pop up queen". Theo you are not that brave! You did what anyone with the slightest of common sense would of done.

Lets have some fun now and talk about Matt Clement,Edgar Renteria,Eric Gagne to just name a few. The obvious and most recent we signed a 42 year old pitcher who is washed up and older than dirt, thinking he was our savior? How did that turn out? Julio Lugo? Theo what kind of medication were you on giving this wife beater a 9 million dollar contract? Was it his defense or his 250 batting average that you liked?

Now to talk about the farm system. Theo has done very well here. Jacoby Elsbury still not the lead off hitter you want, Manny Delcarmen who is below average but, highly appreciated for some reason. Papelbon,pedroia, and Hanley Ramirez were great on his end. The bottom line is if Boston wants to do anything in the near future you will have to get a real GM and not a minor league scout