Milwaukee Brewers Deadline Deal

Cousin AContributor IJuly 22, 2009

As we near that hallowed day, of July 31st, for baseball hot stove fans like myself each team determines what moves need to be made in order to make that stretch run. When it comes to these 2nd Place Milwaukee Brewers it is no secret that they are lacking pitching. However these Milwaukee Brewers under the leadership of Doug Melvin should not be considering themselves buyers but rather, sellers.

This may be the year for Milwaukee or it may not be, however I do know one thing. One pitcher, even the one the calibur of Roy Halladay will not be the key to the Miller Park Oktoberfest. Especially when considering that in all odds we would have to morgage the farm for him and the future. (Consider me one of the Brewer Fans that would like to be competitive every year instead of taking the shot in order to bad for many years to come.)

The Brewers hold a 26-18 record against the NL Central, which as it stands is the best in the division. This record with JJ not showing up at the ballpark, Corey grounding into double plays, and yes that pitching staff. Now look at the schedule, MLB decided to have a little fun this year and play a round robin tournament in September, 9 vs the cards, 7 vs the cubs. Staying close will be good enough, and we can stay close with this pitching staff.

So here is where my propsal comes in. Boston needs a SS, we need a number two starter to compliment Yovanni through 2011 when Fielder's contract is up. So there should be a swap, JJ for Clay Bucholz, that should be enough. Especially for a Red Sox team that just cut Lugo, and are battling with the Yanks.

Bucholz provides a pitcher that can help for years and even though Escobar is not MLB  bat ready, JJ may not be this year either at least so far. So the time is for the Brewers to sell high on JJ. This trade is not for a playoff run this year but could certainly help down the road. Every division is close this year and has lead to the price for all players being high. Time for Mr. Melvin to take advantage, and put us in a position to win for many years with a 1,2,3 punch of young pitching.