NBA Eastern League: How Will The Standings Come Out???

Chris DavisContributor IJuly 21, 2009

OK so you all know about the huge NBA offseason in the east. For example the Cavs get Shaq and the Celtics get Rasheed. Also the magics made a trade of their own aquiring veteran, Vince Carter.

So you can probably guess the top 3 teams are going to be those 3. Here is how the the standings should be 1.Cavs 2.Celtics 3.Magic.

Now, what about the standings after that?? Well Atlanta should be strong again so I think they secure the 4 seed. After that it gets tougher, there has been talks about Carlos Boozer going to Miami or Chicago, and that will be the difference between those two teams. But I am going with Chicago at the 5 seed. So Miami will be in the 6 seed.

Now coming in close at 7 is definately going to be Phillie. But at 8 I am going to say New Jersey takes it over Detroit. So those are my standings for now.