Abraham Washington Ruins ECW... Again

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

To be fair, he didn't actually ruin ECW tonight. The whole show kind of sucked. He definitely helped add to it though, and left me with a feeling of nausea after his main event talk show.

How many times is he going to use an unoriginal fat joke on Tommy Dreamer? Tommy eats a ton, Tommy's butt is big, etc. We get it, Tommy is fat. We don't need you pointing that out, we can watch him in the ring to see that he's not the most athletic superstar.

I predicted, before the show started, that Tommy and Christian would fight during the show. Not really a hard prediction to make, and not really that accurate of one either. Each of them slapped each other and talked some classic smack. I guess what I was most disappointed with was that neither of them hit Abe.

As I said earlier, ECW was mostly a drag tonight anyway. Regal, Goldust, Paul Burchill, and some jobber each put over Yoshi, Shelton Benjamin, Tyler Reks, and Ezekial Jackson, respectively.

Zack Ryder was not included on the card, so the show automatically lost points there.

I think the highlight of the entire show was actually when Paul Burchill told the referee to "F--- off" after his post-match antics. I actually chuckled to myself and was entertained for a few seconds.

I really don't understand why Abraham Washington would be booked for the main event. I have never heard anyone say anything positive about him. I understand that heels are supposed to be hated, but they are supposed to be entertaining at the same time.

I know people have complained about Abe before, but I really think ECW needs to lose him. There are plenty of other superstars that could do better talk shows. Or, possibly give us some talented wrestling. Put one or two stars in a show, and then have a good grudge match.

Thanks for reading, and as usual, feedback is always appreciated.