Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Is WWE's Best Feud of the Modern Era

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2014

Ambrose vs Rollins at Night of Champions
Ambrose vs Rollins at Night of Championscredit:

Dean Ambrose has been literally chasing Seth Rollins for nearly four months in WWE. Their feud was sparked by Rollins' betrayal of The Shield back on June 2 and it has reached a fever pitch on WWE programming.

For fans, this is by far the best example of what a great rivalry should be. There is drama, excitement and intensity; everything needed to pull the crowd in and keep them there. And while there is likely still much to be done in this feud, the fact is that it's the best one currently running in WWE.

From the moment that Rollins picked up a steel chair and crushed both Ambrose and Roman Reigns, fans knew that the company had turned a corner.  After all, The Shield had been in operation for nearly two years and in all that time, nothing could touch them.

The Shield
The Shieldcredit:

They bullied, they bruised and they brawled their way to the top.  They faced and defeated countless stars, a litany of top guys that read like a who's who of the industry.  John Cena, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, even The Undertaker, all faced and all fell to The Hounds of Justice.  

The Shield was untouchable and they stayed that way until the closing moments of Monday Night Raw on June 2.

It was during those very shocking moments that Rollins stabbed his brothers in the back and left them for dead in the middle of the ring.  Rollins aligned himself with The Authority and for fans watching, it was likely one of the biggest surprises of the year.

However, The Shield was likely never meant to continue as a faction.  The time they spent together was very productive, very entertaining and it served its purpose.  The Shield presented and then established the careers of Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose within the four walls of WWE.  The three would-be Superstars had found a home and new paths in Vince McMahon's company.

Rollins with The Authority
Rollins with The Authoritycredit:

The Shield had been so invincible and so unbeatable that their demise had to come from within.  It was the only way to properly end the faction while simultaneously creating separate careers for each guy.  Of course, many fans surely did not expect that demise to come at the hands of Rollins.

Of the three men, Rollins had perhaps been the least likely to pull the trigger on The Shield.  That distinction was believed to have gone to Ambrose, who was such a good heel that his future as a top antagonist was never in question for many fans.  It was his spot to have and betraying The Shield would have set him on the road to that spot.

But four months later and fans are faced with Rollins as the heel and Ambrose as the babyface.  And so far, the fit has been exceptional.

The biggest story to come out of The Shield's dissolution has been this rivalry.  Rollins as The Authority's chosen one and Ambrose as the rebel raging against the machine have been nothing short of poetry in motion.  Each man has played his role so well that for fans that could not imagine them without each other can probably now not see them ever on the same side again.

Right now there is really no other rivalry that can match Rollins versus Ambrose, especially in terms of intensity and importance.  Every time they cross paths on WWE programming, the fans react and every time Ambrose comes within an inch of finally getting true revenge, Rollins manages to escape.

They continue to leave the crowd wanting more and as long as that happens, fans will continue to tune in to watch it all unfold.  Of course, the "big" match has yet to happen.

That big match is essentially the one that fans are heavily anticipating.  Despite the number of times that Ambrose has come close to exacting real revenge on Rollins, the fact is it has not happened yet.  This is usually due in large part to outside interference from The Authority, who consistently bails Rollins out of one predicament after another.

So when Ambrose finally gets Rollins face to face in an inescapable situation, the question becomes what happens afterward?

Assuming that match takes place at Hell in a Cell on October 26, could it mean the end of this rivalry?  John Cena may now be involved but even if he is, could Ambrose finally get the revenge he's been wanting so desperately?  And if he does, will the feud continue after the event is over?

As far as it stands now, Ambrose versus Rollins is far from done.  Ambrose has serious unfinished business with his former Shield cohort and that business is quickly making top stars of both men.  While it will end eventually, the fact is that the real fun is likely just beginning.