Cubs Need To Make a Move

Chris DavisContributor IJuly 21, 2009

 The Chicago Cubs have had a very disappointing season to this point and in reality, they really need to make some moves before the deadline. The pitching has been pretty good but the major concern is the offense. Soriano, Soto, and Bradley have all had terrible seasons so far. Soriano is starting to come around and if he heats up he can carry this team to some extent.

 Also they have been plagued by injuries. Aramis Ramirez has missed most of the season and he is a crucial piece to this Cub's offense. Soto is another Cub that has been out with injuries, he too is a big bat that was heating up. Now recently two very good pitchers in Lilly and Dempster have been hit with injuries. Lilly recently returned and had a horrific outing.

 All that leads up to my point, that they need to make some moves soon. Matt Holliday is a name that could be helpful since Bradley has been a waste of money. Maybe Alex Rios of the Blue Jays. An unlikely, yet helpful player is Cliff Lee of the Indians. Nonetheless they need to do something or they can kiss their chances of a playoff berth goodbye.