A Chance To Create-a-Wrestler In Real Life

James TriggsCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

I was recently asked a question regarding gimmick and move ideas. I have been thinking about it for a while and right now, I would like to take it to you to get your opinion. After all, you have different perspectives to myself.

Do you have a gimmick in mind that would stand out? What would you like to see that isn't already out there? You can send entrance ideas as well as finisher and signature moves ideas, as well as ring names.

This is an opportunity for you to possibly help shape a wrestler's future. I don't know whether or not he will be able to succeed in wrestling, but suggestions could also be used in the future for others who ask.

In all likelihood, if he or others are successful, they are likely to remain on the independent scene, but that means a few hundred people somewhere will benefit, possibly more depending on what happens in the future.

He doesn't have any ideas himself (though wishes for a gimmick) and he will follow suggestions, except for that Satanic gimmicks and gay gimmicks.

He doesn't want to be a pure high-flyer or mat-technician (most pro wrestlers are blends of several styles anyway) so keep this in mind.

Here's to some creative thinking!