No Padre Panic In San Diego Now

Gig SineniContributor IJuly 21, 2009

HERE COMES THE TRADING DEADLINE!!!  Unlike the big market teams that are all in contention along with some of the smaller franchises like Milwaukee and St. Louis, what should the Padres do with the trade deadline approaching??  Unless they can "move" Kevin Kouzmanoff and Brian Giles, they need to do absolutely NOTHING.  2009 is already lost but we knew it would be bad in March, didn't we?? 

The Padres need to play for 2010 and that seems to be exactly what they are doing now.  Let's determine our starting rotation for next year.  I don't want to hear any talk of trading Peavy or Chris Young, we need to see who our 3rd, 4th and 5th starters will be.  So far, I like what I see!!  Latos looks like he belongs and maybe, just maybe, Tim Stauffer will make it too.  Who will be the 5th man?  That seems to be a battle right now between Gaudin and Corrieia.  We'll see.  Now, would I love to see a lefty in the rotation?  Of course.... But the good ones just don't land in your lap, like Randy Wolf did last summer.

I want to see Chase Headley at third and apparently so does the front office.  Bye bye Kevin.  Let's see who wants to stay and patrol the corner outfield spots on either side of Tony Gwynn.  Will it be Venable, Macias or another youngster?  OR do we sign a free agent?  I wouldn't mind that!  Personally, I don't see Kyle Blanks out there so he would be one person I would trade.  Of course, I do that only after we sign Adrian to a long term contract.  We also lock up Heath Bell.  I know many Padre fans are disenchanted now but a tweak here and there and we will be in immediate contention next year!

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Gig Sineni