Formula One: Are the Oldies Holding up Young Talent?

Calum McGregorContributor IMay 9, 2008

There is a lot of talent waiting for that final step to shine at the pinnacle of their sport, but are drivers such as Rubens Barrichello and David Coulthard just wasting space and holding them up?

Ok, maybe they bring many sponsors and experience to the team, but surely the team can survive without them...right? I mean, they are always being over-performed by their younger teammates!

Barrichello, 35-years-old, will be making his 257th Grand Prix start with Coulthard, who is nearly 37-years-old and is on his 229th start, this weekend. Ok fine, they do have the experience, but aren't they a waste of time? Surely a young, new driver fresh out of GP2 can at least achieve the mid pace of these "old" men! Plus they would be cheaper!

For years, criticism went to the mid to front pack teams saying that they don't give the young guns a chance often enough. You might say: RUBBISH! We have new drivers, what about the likes Hamilton, Kovalinen, Rosburg and Kubica? 

Fair enough, ok, we've got some new talent, but surely you have just proven to yourself that these driving aces have done something for the sport so far. So let’s get more into the oldies' seats.

Sorry guys I'm not being an ageist but, "the fire doesn't burn forever!"