St. Louis Rams: Money Spent in All the Wrong Places

Mack RosenbergContributor IJuly 21, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 21: Marc Bulger #10 of the St. Louis Rams is hit by Walt Harris #27 of the San Francisco 49ers at the Edward Jones Dome on December 21, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

A recent article on's Rams--Five-highest-2009-cap-figures.html">NFC West blog by Mike Sando about the St. Louis Rams' 2009 highest cap figures really hits home the idea that this team has been spending its money in the wrong places.

Two of the top four players on the list have been two of the biggest busts in recent Rams' history. Would you pay over $15 million to see Marc Bulger, who has only played one full season since 2003? Or how about Leonard Little, who while in the midst of legal troubles has managed less then 40 total tackles in the last two seasons?

These are the two guys the Rams are paying the most money. The team needs to get its priorities straight before we see another helmet come off Bulger's head in Week 1 of the season.

The guys after Bulger and Little—Steven Jackson, Chris Long, Jason Smith, and O.J. Atogwe—will prove to be cornerstones of the franchise before it's all said and done.

But Little and Bulger are two players who never really peaked as Rams players. Weather it was health concerns or legal issues, these two guys always seemed to have problems during their tenures in St. Louis. And I'm ready for a new set of skill players on this offense to work around and with Jackson. 

What do you think Rams fans? Has our team been misled over these past couple of years? I definitely think so.