The Old Guy, Texting Kid, and 8 Others Who Drink All the Fantasy Draft Party Beer

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The Old Guy, Texting Kid, and 8 Others Who Drink All the Fantasy Draft Party Beer

We have reached the dog days summer and the six-month hiatus without football is finally nearing its end.

The wait without fantasy football has been even longer due to the fact that most fantasy football leagues end their season after week 16.

For some of you whose fantasy team(s) had disappointing seasons, which ended in November, the wait has been over eight months.

I am as experienced as you will find when it comes to game of Fantasy Football. That does not make me a better player than anyone else.

I began playing fantasy football, or what we knew to be rotisserie football back in my senior year of high school in 1993. My league got laughed at as being for stat geeks and dorks who needed a hobby besides Strat-O-Matic. One day you will thank me for taking those verbal beatings.

Now, the people who made fun of me are in way more fantasy leagues than I am.

Draft day is one day that I really look forward to on my calendar. As you get older, you do not get to see your friends as much and the times you get to hang out with your buddies without a wife/girlfriend/children is rare.

I know many do their drafts online. Online drafts are great because all of the research and rankings are right at your fingertips. But, if you have the opportunity to hold a live draft in person with your entire draft crew available, go for it.

Your draft crew may consistent of friends, co-workers, guys you know online, etc.

As someone who has hosted over ten drafts at his place of residence I want to import some of my knowledge to you.

Most importantly: Have fun. Enjoy the day, make jokes, eat and drink, because it beats either working at your job or working on your home.

Make sure you have guys in your league that you can trust to take the league serious enough to talk some fun smack, but not too serious that the smacks get physical. I do not like to see guys who take it so seriously that they forget that it is just a game and fantasy football loses what it was originally intended to be.

When it is not fun anymore, I would suggest finding a new hobby.

Here is a list of things that can make for a better draft day experience:

1 – Announce Your Day and Time Well in Advance – People’s plans change like the weather, so try to pin as many down as quickly as possible to give them time to clear out the day just for you.

2 – Do Not Expect Your Draft To Start On Time – Some people are just habitually late and some may hit traffic or some other unexpected event. My advice is to put your draft time at least a half-hour or an hour before the actual time you really want to begin the festivities.

3 - Have Some Supplies Available – I mean the real basics like pens and paper. You will be surprised how many come without something to write. If you would like to have your league bring in food and beverages that is more than acceptable. Just do not start the heavy drinking until after the draft is complete.

4 – Sit In Draft Order – This works very well especially if the group does not know each other that well. Most drafts are done in a serpentine format; this way the person will always know when he is next to select.

5 – Hide Your Remote Control or Video Game Controllers – Try to keep the distractions to a minimum. You know it is very difficult to keep people contained for a couple of hours at a time. I like to keep one channel on mute to at least provide a little bit of entertainment without losing the audience.

Now, I would like to introduce to you the ten people you will find at your average Fantasy Football draft.

Amazingly, all of these players have similar odds of winning the title. In my 16 years in rotisserie/fantasy football, each one from one of these ten categories has at least one championship to their credit.

They are all great in their own way, but they all find themselves falling into one of these categories.

If you have a new category of fantasy football player to add, feel free to let me know.

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