WWE Changes Yet Another PPV Name.

Joe LouContributor IJuly 21, 2009

After checking WWE.com for ant breaking news I noticed that No Mercy and Cyber Sunday have different names, Hell in a Cell and Bragging Rights. I never saw Bragging Rights as one of the choices for a new name. I think that Rage in the Cage would have been a better name.

The two concepts are dumb based on the feuds going on in the WWE. If the Hell in a Cell matches are only main event then the only feud that calls for that match is Orton and Triple H.

Bragging Rights is probably a inter-brand PPV with all inter brand matches which i don't mind but the is no interbrand feud so not so much time to build the PPV. On the other hand, it can settle some unfinished business with Miz and John Morrison, Dreamer and Swagger, and so one and so forth.