The Melting Pot: My Thoughts and Opinions on Sporting News and Topics

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on during minicamp practice at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

Instead of writing a bunch of articles on topics that have been written about already, I've decided to encompass all of them into one. There will be no long breakdowns or analysis, just my personal thoughts and opinions.

I see no reason to go into a lengthy explanation, so let's just get started!



- The 2008 playoff teams that will have a drop in wins: Miami, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Atlanta.

- T.O. will have his first blow-up as a Bill in Week Three.

- By season's end, we will realize the Wildcat offense experiment is a failure.

- Brett Favre may play well in a dome but a Super Bowl is not in his future.

- This year's list of coaches who get the axe are, but not limited to: Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Brad Childress, and Wade Phillips.

- I recently wrote an article picking the Steelers to repeat as champions. I am officially changing my pick to the Eagles.

- Tony Romo dropping Jessica Simpson does not equal a playoff victory.

- The UFL can succeed by doing two things:

1. Seeing itself as a developmental/minor league and not competition to the NFL.

2. Signing former stars that can still play (Plaxico Burress, Marvin Harrison, Michael Vick, Adam Jones).



- Everyone talks about the top three teams in the East. The race for spots four-eight will be pretty competitive.

- The L.A. Clippers just might make the playoffs.

- Why are Glen Davis, Raymond Felton, Allen Iverson, Linas Kleiza, David Lee, Andre Miller, Lamar Odom, and Hakim Warrick all unsigned?

- When the Cavs get knocked out at some point in the playoffs next year, will we see LeBron pull an Adam Morrison?

- This offseason has been very busy, but it is definitely too early to decide which moves were good and which ones were bad. At least wait until a month into the season to make these determinations.

- It will finally come to light this season that Greg Oden is actually 43 years old.

- If Allen Iverson does not get signed, you, the fans, will probably vote him into the All-Star Game.



- Unless a player recently failed a drug test, I don't want to hear about it.

- The next update on the Halladay situation should be where he got traded to or that he is staying in Toronto.

- Right now it is safe to say that the A.L. is a two-team race (Boston and N.Y.) and the N.L. is a three-team race (Philadelphia, St. Louis, and L.A.).

- Bud Selig really needs to retire.

- The fact that home-field advantage in the World Series is determined by the All-Star Game is ridiculous.

- With the exception of Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez will have the best second half of any player in either league.

- I think we should forget the salary cap talk until the Yankees win another World Series. I just love seeing them spend all that money for nothing.


- People will still complain about a playoff system so just use a better system to rank  the teams...

- However, if you want really want a playoff system, just don't watch or go to BCS bowls. Force the NCAA to make a change.

- Put the next undefeated mid-major in the national championship game. It's either put up or shut up.  

- My preseason pick is Texas.

- How many BCS bowls do Bob Stoops and Jim Tressel need to lose before the schools decide to go in a new direction?

- I wonder how many fifth graders Pete Carroll has recruited for the 2017-2018 season.

- I cannot wait for College Gameday!



- I'm looking forward to the next season of The Ultimate Fighter for one reason, the coaches. I wouldn't be surprised to see them come to blows on the show.

- If you feel a fighter got robbed in a fight, it will be ok. If the powers that be feel he got robbed it won't hurt him that much.

- Is anyone else hoping that the UFC will one day have a women's division?

- If a champion is going to change weight classes, then do it. Quit with this back and forth nonsense, I want to see title defenses.

- I wish Dana White would realize that if he catered more to the fans and not his wallet, he would still be rich and not receive so much criticism. Everyone would be happier.

- Lyota Machida will not be champion as long as everyone seems to think. I believe Rampage Jackson will be the next Light Heavyweight Champion.

- Is Matt Hughes serious, criticizing GSP in his win at UFC 100? Didn't Alves beat Hughes pretty handily in his last fight?



- If the brass at Duke really didn't want Coach K coaching the Olympic team, he probably wouldn't be. If you don't like it, blame the school, not him.

- Tom Watson coming in second place at the age of 59 is not bigger news than Tiger not making the cut.

- I recently watched 12 Rounds and John Cena really needs to stick to his Monday night acting.

- I just want to advise the corporations that plan on sponsoring the WNBA that they will lose money by doing this. How many people can even name all of the WNBA teams?


Well there you have it, my random thoughts and opinions on the sporting world. Please be advised that some of these are just for fun, but most of them are said in truth.

I hope you have enjoyed and please let me know how you feel about them.