Three Undefeated College Teams this Year?

Christopher BehernsContributor ISeptember 18, 2007

USC - This is the number one team to me. I'm pretty sure they can go undefeated this year, but the mighty Trojans have much to deal with. The only games I can see them maybe losing to are Oregon, Cal, and UCLA. I'm not saying that they are going to win or lose all these games, but if they were to get that big L, it will be one of those three teams that will give it to them.

IconLSU - The Tigers are scary, as a Oklahoma fan, I would hate to play this team, just like any other team in America would not want to play them. LSU has the best defence in America, led by a semi-truck named Glenn Dorsey. The Tigers aren't unbeatable though. Remember that they're in SEC. It will be a absolute test to come out with no losses. Figuring they're going to have to play Florida not once but a second time for the SEC championship game.

IconOKLAHOMA - With a pretty much mild schedule. The Sooners are looking at a undefeated season. Think about it, who is going to beat the Sooners? Texas? Don't think so. Any Longhorn will tell you that they're not looking forward to play OU. Texas has had too many sketchy wins over some pretty bad teams. 12 - 0. Easy for the Sooners.


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