Why the San Antonio Spurs Are Not Going Back to the 2008 NBA Finals

Turd FergusonCorrespondent IMay 8, 2008

The Spurs may have won tonight in their homecoming against the exciting New Orleans Hornets, but don't jump to conclusions just yet. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and the rest of the aging San Antonio squad are done. Finished. Kaput. FUBAR.

Chris Paul is too crafty.

David West is too underrated.

Peja Stojakovic is too grizzled and Euro.

Jannero Pargo is too confusingly named.

Tyson Chandler is too finally useful.

Byron Scott is too sternly badass.

Tim Duncan is too battered.

Tony Parker is too French.

Manu Ginobli is too flop-prone.

Bruce Bowen is too blatantly dirty.

Greg Poppovich is too evil-looking.

Michael Finley is too washed up.

Brent Barry is too whitebread.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the 80 some odd other reasons. Let's just say that the Spurs time has come and passed, and now's the time for them to step aside and let the next generation of teams have their day.

It's certainly looking like that will be the case against New Orleans. 

plus the spurs have won all 4 of their nba titles in odd year and this is an even year.