Manchester United's New Kit: Hit or Miss?

will evansCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

For this coming season, many Premier League sides have opted to wear a kit that is more like the outfits of old.

United, of course, followed this retro trend.

Obviously, their kit is red, but this year they've decided to add a black "V", or chevron,  to reminisce about their first FA cup success back in 1909. It's a century of fantasy football from a fantastic club.

However, opinion is divided on the new kit. Is it good? Is it bad? Is this the best Nike can come up with?

Personally, I like the new kit. It's modern but classy, and it has some historical significance, so that every team Manchester United plays will remember just how good the Devils are—and more importantly—how good they have been.

Debate rages still about the new away or possible third kit, with pictures having been leaked on the Internet.

While nobody really knows whether this is the real thing, it seems like it is, as it appears under the same circumstances as the red one. This kit seems to be causing some unrest because of the colors used. It is black, but with a light blue chevron. Why would United put City's color on its kit?

Again, I like the kit, but unless the Blue is darker than it appears, I would be a little shocked, to say the least, that United had done it!

Anyway, I'm more curious what the greater Manchester United Community has to say on it. Good? Bad? Awful? Fantastic? You be the judge.